Deliver top-quality services through Axtel Networks fiber. Connect your customer with high performance, flexibility, and scalability that adapts to his changing needs.



  • More than 260,000 companies and medium businesses with fiber coverage
  • High performance solution
  • Interconnects the location of the end customer with its ENNI
  • Efficient and fully restorable network
  • From 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Based on MEF standard
  • + 90% Buildings A / C +
  • + 90% Industrial Parks

Access E-Line might be delivered through fiber optic, digital radio or third party Alliance. A/A+ multitenant corporate buildings w/FO cabling w/less than 20 years old; w/area for rent +54k ft2/building.


EVC: Ethernet Virtual Connection

ENNI: External Network to Network Interface

UNI: User Network Interface